Underwater Portrait Lessons

Three (3) part series with professional photographer Carla Durante.

Recorded during a U$1,500, 3-day workshop that included theory and hands-on practice with the instructor.

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What to expect?

Three-part underwater portrait lessons by professional photographer Carla Durante, teaching the basics and the relevant differences specific to underwater photography. 
  • Part 1: Theory & Preparation, Gear, Settings, Instruction
  • Part 2: Practical, Hands-On Training & Guidance
  • Part 3: Editing & Post Production

Class benefits

  • Professional tutoring on all aspects of underwater portraiture techniques; theory and practice
  • Pre and post-production instruction, tips, tricks
  • Expert advice on everything from settings and angles to lighting and portfolio-building

About the instructor

Carla Durante brings a wealth of over & underwater photography accolades and experience, having worked with celebrates and television shows in her native Brazil, specializing in Family, Baby, Expecting, and New-born portrait photography.

This class was offered as part of an in-person 3 day $1,500 event in Southern California where participants received in-class and in-pool, hands-on instruction.  It's being offered free of charge here as part of Outex's Outdoor Photo Lessons Series.  Additional outdoor photography information, tutorials, groups, and classes are available at www.Outex.com

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